• 1. Why are you shutting down Glee?

    We have loved watching the Glee community grow, and we wanted it to grow even more. Unfortunately, we realized that at the core, Glee is limited - the songbook includes only songs from Glee in the versions from the show. We wanted to open up the world of singing beyond the doors of McKinley High.

    In August 2012, Smule launched the Smule app. Smule has built upon many of the beloved features of Glee, and we believe it's an even better singing and social experience. The app currently has over 500 songs in the songbook, including nearly 100 songs from Glee. We will continue adding songs from Glee through the lifetime of the show.

  • 2. What is Sing? Why should I use it?

    Smule is a social singing app with a huge catalog of songs - over 500 - including over 100 songs from Glee. We add new songs three times a week, and we'll continue to add new Glee songs once the show is back on air. Users have profile pages and news feeds, and you can follow friends and love and comment on performances. We believe Smule is the best singing experience on mobile, and we are constantly developing app features based on user feedback.

  • 3. I love Glee; I don't want to use anything else!

    We understand - we love Glee too! That's why we built Smule from what we’ve learned from Glee. Smule was created by the same team that brought you Glee, so we encourage you to give it a try. We think there's an advantage to having all Smule singers in one app, and we hope to see many Glee groups forming within Smule

  • 4. What about the recordings I made?

    Up until August 31st, you'll be able to access recordings you made on Glee by going here: http://glee.smule.com/myglee/user/[glee username]

  • 5. What about all the friends I made in Glee?

    Reach out to your friends to meet up in Smule - they may already be there! You can form groups with your Glee friends and continue singing with them.

  • 6. But I like to sing Glee songs, what's going to happen next season on Glee?

    We will continue to license songs featured on Glee. If you have any suggestions for songs we should license for Smule, you can submit them here at any time: http://bit.ly/SuggestSongsForSmule

  • 7. Are you having a send-off for Glee?

    Glee Karaoke will forever be immortalized at glee.smule.com, where we will feature the top performances of all time and a community-generated Hall of Fame.

    Enter any particularly special or outstanding recordings to our Hall of Fame before August 24th: http://bit.ly/GleeHallofFameSubmission

  • 8. I still have questions. How do I reach you guys?

    Please send an email to support@smule.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within the business day). The more detail you can provide, the better we'll be able to help.